JMT Civil provides a professional heavy haulage service using well maintained, well presented late model Kenworth trucks, with various trailers combinations

JMT Civil has been Sydney’s #1 heavy haulage company for over four decades. We understand that heavy haulage requires specialised equipment that can handle over-sized and heavy loads. And we appreciate the logistics and safety concerns inherent in the job of moving equipment that can sometimes weigh up to 100 tonnes. So, whether we’re hired to haul heavy equipment around Sydney, NSW, or right across Australia, JMT Civil are the heavy haulage specialists.

JMT Civil’s heavy haulage division operates using three low loader and prime mover combinations and an eight-wheeler tilt tray. With all our drivers undergoing extensive training to safely load, unload and transport heavy machinery. We also provide an escort services for when machinery is oversized, in order to comply with the various state legislations on moving oversized machinery on public roads.

Heavy Haulage SYDNEY

The most commonly used trucks in the heavy haulage industry are prime movers, which are powerful heavy-duty vehicles designed to pull loads that are too heavy for regular trucks. These prime movers are often coupled with low loader trailers or other specialised trailers, such as tilt trays, extendable trailers, and platform trailers, to accommodate the size and weight of the load.

For extremely large or heavy loads, heavy haulage companies often use multi-axle combinations, such as dollies and wideners, to spread the weight of the load over more axles and to reduce the impact on roads and bridges. Some companies may also use self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs), which are vehicles with multiple axles that can be controlled electronically and used to transport extremely heavy loads over long distances.

In addition to trucks and trailers, heavy haulage companies often utilise a range of equipment to assist with loading and unloading heavy machinery they’re hauling, including cranes, forklifts, and specialized loading equipment. These tools and equipment are designed to ensure that the loads are handled safely and efficiently.

JMT Civil take pride in our ability to deliver high-quality heavy haulage services that are tailored to your unique requirements. Our standard costs are based on weight range when delivery is within the Sydney Metro area, with increasing rates when movements are required outside of Sydney. We also do interstate heavy haulage. With prices dependent on what heavy equipment is being hauled, and where it’s going.

Heavy Haulage Requirements

Safety is the top priority for the JMT Civil heavy haulage division, so we naturally go above and beyond to ensure that all our drivers are not only fully licensed, but are cognisant of the inherent dangers of hauling heavy equipment around Sydney, NSW or interstate. We understand the importance of proper equipment handling and loading techniques, which is why we only employ experienced and fully qualified drivers.

In addition to specialised equipment and experienced operators, heavy haulage also requires careful planning and coordination. Every load is different, and there are a variety of factors that must be taken into account when transporting heavy items. This includes factors such as the weight and dimensions of the load, the distance and terrain of the route, and any potential obstacles or hazards that may need to be navigated.

At JMT Civil, we take a comprehensive approach to heavy haulage planning. We work closely with our clients and the relevant local authorities to understand the requirements of the job. Our team has over forty years’ experience in heavy haulage, so we have the expertise to move anything, anywhere. Regardless of its size or shape.

Industries That Utilise Heavy Haulage

JMT Civil’s heavy haulage services are available to anyone, regardless of the industry. However, heavy haulage services tend to gravitate toward specific industries, due to the nature of the equipment use.

Construction companies use heavy haulage as the safest and most reliable way to move excavators, bulldozers, cranes, and other heavy machinery that are essential for the completion of their construction projects. Construction sites are more often than not located in congested suburban areas, making the transportation of the equipment problematic. Which is why using an expert Sydney heavy haulage company like JMT Civil is vital.

Mining is another industry that relies on heavy haulage, due to needing to transport large, heavy equipment such as drilling rigs, excavators, and trucks. Mining sites are often located in remote areas, and heavy haulage services are the only way get these machines to these locations safely and efficiently.

Another industry that requires heavy haulage services is the transportation industry, where moving large vehicles and machinery utilised in the transportation of goods, are prevalent. JMT Civil’s Heavy haulage service ensure that these vehicles and machinery are transported safely and on time.

Additional Services

At JTM Civil we not only provide heavy haulage, but we also do land clearing, excavation and earthworks, demolition and site remediation. So, no matter what your company needs, JMT Civil are here to help!

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JMT Civil are Sydney’s preeminent heavy haulage specialists. And we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring that our clients’ projects are completed on time and within budget. Contact us today to learn more about our heavy haulage services and how we can help you transport your machinery safely and efficiently around Sydney, around NSW, or around Australia.