JMT Civil is an industry leader in providing comprehensive excavation and earthworks services in Sydney for commercial, residential, and government projects. Our team of highly skilled and experienced excavation and earthworks specialists use state-of-the-art machinery to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions regardless of where in Sydney the worksite is.

The Sydney excavation and earthworks machinery we use are meticulously maintained to ensure optimum performance and reliability. With flashing lights, UHF radios, and reverse beepers, our machines comply with all Sydney excavation safety standards, and are acceptable at any worksite in NSW. And with forty years’ experience, JMT Civil has the expertise and excavation and earthworks machinery to do the job right, first time, every time. Guaranteed.

Sydney Excavation Equipment | Get the Right Equipment for the Job!

JMT Civil can provide risk assessments and individual Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) upon request to ensure that all our equipment meets site-specific safety requirements. We are committed to maintaining a safe working environment for our employees and clients.

Our excavation and earth moving equipment include (but are not limited to):

  • Horizontal Tree Mulcher
  • 35t zero swing excavators
  • 20 – 25t Excavators
  • 13 – 15t Excavators
  • 8t Excavators
  • 5t Excavators
  • Large positracks
  • Small positracks
  • 35t Dump trucks
  • D6 Dozer
  • D8 Dozer
  • 825 Compactor
  • Truck and Quad dogs
  • Truck and Dogs
  • Bogies

We also have a range of different attachments that can be fitted to the machines. Our attachments include buckets, hydraulic hammers, rippers, compaction wheels, augers, trenchers, and more. So, whatever your excavation and earthworks requirements are, JMT Civil have the tools and equipment to get the job done right.

Sydney Excavation Services List

JMT Civil’s excavation and earthworks services include site preparation, earthmoving, excavation, site cuts, rock breaking, trenching, and more. Our team has experience in handling a variety of projects, from small residential jobs to large-scale commercial and industrial projects.

Excavation and earthworks are crucial in Sydney for all construction projects, and involve digging, moving and transporting large amounts of soil, rock, and other materials. This process is essential for construction projects such as building foundations, landscaping, and road construction. JMT Civil specialises in providing comprehensive excavation and earthworks and landclearing services to clients in Sydney and beyond.

Sydney Excavation Permits | Overview

One of the essential aspects of excavation and earthworks in Sydney is the requirement to obtain council permits prior to the work commencing. This is to ensure that the project meets all the regulations and requirements set by the local NSW council where the work is being done. JMT Civil is well-versed in the council permit requirements in Sydney and can help clients navigate the off-times confusing permit application process.

The specific permits required for earth moving and excavation work in Sydney may vary depending on the local council area where the worksite is located. Generally speaking, however, there are several types of permits that are commonly required.

Sydney Residential Excavation Permits

For residential worksites, a development application may need to be submitted to the local Sydney council, which will include information about the proposed earth moving or excavation work. This may include a detailed site plan, information on the type of excavation work to be carried out, the location and depth of the excavation, and any environmental impact assessments that may be required. In some cases, a construction certificate may also be required.

Sydney Commercial and Industrial Excavation Permits

For commercial or industrial excavation worksites in Sydney, the permit requirements may be more complex. In addition to a development application, a construction certificate may also be required, as well as a detailed environmental impact assessment. Other permits that may be required include permits for tree removal, demolition, and works within a drainage or sewerage easement.

It is important to note that the specific permit requirements will depend on the local Sydney council regulations and the nature of the proposed works. And when it comes to large excavation works, is it is essential to liaise with JMT Civil prior to the work commencing, to ensure all permit requirements are met.

Additional Services

At JTM Civil we not only provide excavation and earthworks, but we also do land clearing, demolition, heavy haulage, and site remediation. So, no matter what your company needs, JMT Civil are here to help!

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In summary, excavation and earthworks are essential in the Sydney construction industry, and JMT Civil has the necessary equipment and expertise to handle any excavation and earthworks project regardless of the Sydney suburb the worksite is in. Our commitment to quality, safety, and timely completion of the work sets us apart from other excavation and earthworks contractors in Sydney. As does our over four-decades of earthwork and excavation experience.